Professional Cleaning and Building Maintenance

Professional cleaning and building maintenance provides cost efficient ways to clean, repair, and maintain your facility. Our skilled and trusted staff can work around the clock or as needed to keep your home, office or workplace totally clean and attractive. Our efficient maintenance practices have proven to contribute to maximizing the life span of the facility while reducing depreciation costs.

We give services to the following industries

  • Residential communities – Apartments, condominiums, subdivisions
  • Offices
  • Commercial real estates
  • Schools
  • Banks
  • Elderly care facilities
  • Minor repairs

  • Our Services:

    Regular cleaning

    With our regular cleaning service, we maintain the orderliness and cleanliness of your place for a safer and more comfortable environment to live in.

    Floor waxing and polishing, toilet cleaning, kitchen cleaning, vacuuming of carpet, wiping and dusting of furniture, windows, walls, ceiling, shelves and others.

    Professional cleaning

    Our professional cleaners will make a detailed cleaning on your home or workplace to restore its best condition. Our team is well-equipped with the necessary equipment and supplies to give quality service at every jobsite.

    All rooms (vacuuming, wiping & dusting), Kitchen Cleaning, Toilet Cleaning, Air-con Cleaning (filter & surface cleaning), Cabinets, shelves, cupboards & drawers (inside & out), Kitchen Range Hood (surface wipe), Appliance Cleaning (surface wipe), Exhaust Fans, Carpet Cleaning (vacuum, dust, spot clean), Floor Cleaning, Ceiling Cleaning, Lighting/Fixtures Cleaning and Inside Wall Cleaning. (cleaning stuffs will be provided) For minor repairs, please contact us for estimates.


    We do it for you!

    We provide a friendly, experienced, and reliable handymen to help solve your home repair, install frames or assemble furniture in a quick and efficient manner. Our staff will listen to your needs and take appropriate action to ensure we deliver results. We are always at your service! Services: • Minor home repairs • Furniture assemble • Picture frame hanging • Installation of appliances • Moving / rearranging help • Packing/unpacking help • Other odd jobs upon request